Police Blotter 12/04/13 – 12/10/13


12/04/13 – Smell of Marijuana – Residence Life reported a smell of marijuana in Washington hall G tower.  An officer checked the building with negative findings. (Closed)

12/04/13 – Fire Alarm – East Security reported a fire alarm activated in Yorktown hall.  This department along with Moon PD and Moon VFD responded.  A smoke detector was activated in a first floor laundry room.  The room was checked with negative results for smoke or fire.  The alarm was reset by maintenance. (Closed)

12/04/13 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Lexington hall.  Officers responded and found the cause to be burnt food.  The alarm was reset and officers cleared. (Closed)

12/04/13 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported a trouble alarm activated in Massey hall.  The building was checked with negative findings.  Maintenance was notified and reset the alarm panel. (Closed)

12/05/13 – Theft – A student reported their laptop missing from Patrick Henry Center.  All pertinent information was obtained and this department is conducting an investigation. (Open)

12/05/13 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised of a female falling down a flight of stairs in the John Jay Center.  Officers responded along with Valley Ambulance, and the student was transported to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

12/06/13 – Theft – A student reported an item taken from the door to their room.  The cameras in the area will be reviewed in an attempt to locate and suspects involved. (Closed)

12/06/13 – Assist Another Agency – Moon Police requested assistance in attempting to locate a suspect.  This department assisted with negative findings. (Closed)

12/06/13 – Civil Complaint – A student reported making a transaction with another student, was not satisfied with the deal.  The student was advised that this incident is a civil matter, not criminal and advised how to resolve the issue. (Closed)

12/07/13 – Student Conduct – Residence Life reported a male with an open container in Salem Hall.  Officers responded and advised the male that being twenty-one years of age does not permit open containers outside of their room.  The male was advised to stay in his room for the remainder of the evening. (Closed)

12/07/13 – Miscellaneous Criminal Incident – A student reported someone gaining access to his or her room while it was unoccupied.  No items have been reported missing at this time.  The cameras in the area will be reviewed in an attempt to locate any suspects involved. (Open)

12/07/13 – Power Outage – A power outage occurred on campus due to a telephone pole struck by a vehicle on University Blvd.  A telephone pole in the Colonial way lot caught fire, and a cable line was dislodged because of this accident.  Moon VFD responded and extinguished the fire, and Duquesne Light attended to the downed cable line. (Closed)

12/07/13 – Theft – A student reported their wallet taken from their room in Adams Hall.  All pertinent information was obtained and an investigation is being conducted by this department. (Open)

12/08/13 – Student Conduct – A student was found sleeping in Massey Hall, who advised of having no place to stay.  Temporary arraignments were made through Residence Life to assist the student. (Closed)

12/08/13 – This department assisted multiple agencies with a vehicle pursuit related to an Amber Alert.  All officers assisted without incident. (Closed)

12/09/13 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised of a male student experiencing a seizure in Lexington Hall.  Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the male to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

12/09/13 – 12/10/13 – Fire – Maintenance reported smoke in room 310 of Hale Center.  Officers and Moon VFD responded.  The cause for the fire was a burnt motor on the heater.  The building was vented and the heater was disconnected by maintenance. (Closed)