Police Blotter 1/27/15-2/02/15


1/27/15 – Departmental Information – This department was contacted to investigate an incident that pertains to social media.  This incident is currently under investigation. (Open)

1/27/15 – Student Conduct – A Faculty member requested an escort to their vehicle after an incident with a student during class.  The escort was completed without incident. (Closed)

1/29/15 – Smell of Marijuana – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana on the second floor of Yorktown Hall.  Officers responded and could detect an odor from the room in question, and found paraphernalia.  The students involved are being sent through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)

1/29/15 – Property Damage – A report was made with this department for missing artwork from the gallery in Wheatley Center.  This incident is currently under investigation. (Open)

1/29/15 – Accident – This department was advised of a hit and run accident in the Lower John Jay parking lot. The driver who left the scene was identified and cited.  A report was issued for insurance purposes. (Closed)

1/29/15 – Student Conduct – Residence Life requested assistance with a policy violation in Hamilton Hall.  Officers responded and took into possession a survival knife.  The knife was brought back to the police station and stored until the owner can take it off campus. (Closed)

1/29/15 – Traffic Stop – An officer conducted a traffic stop on Massey Way for a vehicle with a burned out headlight.  The stop ended up with the driver being cited for expired registration, insurance, and general lighting requirements. (Closed)

1/29/15 – Hazardous Conditions – This department was advised of a vehicle that slid halfway over the upper level in the Upper Massey Parking Lot.  There was no visible damage to the vehicle, which was towed successfully. (Closed)

1/30/15 – Accident – This department was advised of four vehicles damaged in the Colonial Way Lot.  Officers responded and obtained the necessary information from the scene.  This incident is currently under investigation. (Open)

1/30/15 – Harassment – A student reported receiving harassing text messages from another student.  Both parties were advised to stop all activity or face charges being filed.  (Closed)

1/30/15 – Traffic Stop – A traffic stop was conducted in the parking lot of Yorktown Hall on a vehicle failing to use its turn signal while entering from University Boulevard.  The stop ended with the driver receiving citations for expired registration, no insurance, and operating a vehicle without valid inspection. (Closed)

1/30/15 – Recovered Property – A men’s silver Guess watch was found in the men’s restroom at Yorktown Hall.  The watch was brought back to Barry Center and entered as found property. (Closed)

1/31/15 – Welfare Check – A parent requested assistance in locating their child whom they have not heard from.  An officer responded to the student’s room and advised them to contact home. (Closed)

1/31/15 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported a trouble alarm activated in Lexington Hall.  Upon officer arrival, the alarm panel was reading normal.  Maintenance was notified. (Closed)

1/31/15 – Traffic Stop – A traffic stop was conducted for a driver failing to stop at the stop sign in front of Sewall Center.  The driver was issued a written warning and released. (Closed)

1/31/15 – Unauthorized Use of Vehicle – This department was advised by a parent of their vehicle being used by someone other than their son.  Officers are waiting for more information to be obtained at this time to further the investigation. (Open)

1/31/15 – Disorderly Conduct – A student was cited for disorderly conduct for having marijuana in his possession. (Closed)

1/31/15 – Medical Emergency – Valley Ambulance was notified for an RMU basketball player injured during the game.  Valley Ambulance was able to treat the injury on scene, and the player refused transport or further treatment. (Closed)

1/31/15 –Disturbance – Allegheny County 911 called advising officer response to the Island Sports Center for a disturbance.  Upon arrival, it was determined that the call was made by two juvenile females who were arguing over Facebook posts.  Officers cleared without incident. (Closed)

2/01/15 – Student Conduct – Residence Life reported an intoxicated male in Washington Hall.  Upon officers arrival the male was found to be highly intoxicated.  Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the male to Sewickley Valley Hospital.  One citation was issued for underage drinking. (Closed)

2/02/15 – Personal Injury – A Parkhurst employee reported slipping on ice at the Nicholson Center loading dock, which caused pain and swelling to their knees, and back strain.  A report was issued for Parkhurst Management purposes. (Closed)

2/02/15 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported a phone line failure signal in the Patrick Henry Center.  Maintenance was contacted and advised of the alarm. (Closed)

2/02/15 – Found Property – A driver’s license was found in the parking lot at Yorktown Hall and turned into this department.  The owner was contacted and advised it can be picked up at the Yorktown Office. (Closed)