Police Blotter 3/06/19-3/12/19


Alexa Headley

Photo Credit: (RMU Sentry Media/Alexa Headley)

3/09/19- Departmental Information- A student came in and reported receiving a strange phone call.  After hearing all the information it is believed that someone was playing a joke on the student.  A report was issued for information purposes in the event something further occurs (closed).

3/10/19- Power Outage- A brief power outage occurred on campus (closed).

3/10/19- Departmental Information- This department assisted the Moon Township with information on a student they had contact with off campus (closed).

3/10/19- Retail Theft- ROMO’s reported a student taking items without paying.  The student was identified, paid for the items, and will be sent through Student Conduct for their actions (closed).

3/11/19- Medical Emergency- This department was notified of a student in need of medical attention in the Hale Center.  Valley Ambulance transported the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment (closed).

3/11/19- Area of Rescue Alarm- An area of rescue alarm was activated in the Business School.  Officers responded and found the alarm was activated by a quest who thought it was an intercom (closed).

3/11/19- Lost Property- A report was taken for a student losing their Freedom Card (closed).

3/11/19- Smell of Marijuana- Residence life reported an odor of marijuana in Washington Hall.  Officers responded, and could detect an odor in the common area. Upon checking the surrounding rooms with negative results (closed).

3/12/19- Accident- Damage was done to a vehicle while parked outside of the John Jay Center.  All pertinent information was obtained, and a report was issued for insurance purposes (closed).

3/12/19-  Elevator Alarm- A student reported being stuck in the elevator in Concord Hall.  Officers, and Maintenance were able to free the student from the elevator (closed).