Police Blotter 3/19/19- 3/25/19


Alexa Headley

Photo Credit: (RMU Sentry Media/Alexa Headley)

3/19/19- Departmental Information- Officers responded to Salem Hall to assist a student who requested information on the Counseling Center.  Contact was made with the on call counselor who assisted the student (closed).

3/20/19- Departmental Informational- This department was contacted by the Counseling Center, and requested officers speak with a student who was having some personal problems.  Officers responded, and assisted the student (closed).

3/20/19- Lost Property- A student came and reported leaving a camera behind in the student Rec Center.  The camera was located and returned to the owner (closed).

3/20/19- Theft- Parkhurst Dining reported a student take something from ROMO’S Cafe without paying.  The student was identified, and paid for the item (closed).

3/20/19- Fire Alarm- Fire Alarm- Guardian and Moon Dispatch reported a fire alarm activated in Yorktown Hall.  The cause for the alarm was a student vaping in their room. The student will be sent through Student Conduct for their actions (closed).

3/20/19- Elevator Alarm- A student called advising they were stuck in the elevator in Salem Hall.  Officers and Maintenance responded, and were able to reset the elevator, freeing the student (closed).

3/20/19- Accident- A student advised that their car was handing over the hillside in the Yorktown parking lot.  The vehicles below were moved by the owners, and a tow truck removed the other vehicle (closed).

3/21/19- Medical Emergency- This department was advised of a medical emergency at the Island Sports Center.  Ohio Twp. Police and Valley Ambulance were already on scene. The patron was transported to Allegheny General Hospital for treatment (closed).

3/22/19- Fire Alarm- Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Adams Hall.  The cause for the alarm was burnt food. Maintenance reset the alarm system (closed).

3/22/19- Lost Property- Facilities reported a golf cart missing that is used by the athletics department.  A report was filed for insurance purposes (open).

3/22/19- Smell of Marijuana- Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana on the third floor of Marshall hall.  Officers responded and could detect an odor, but were unable to locate the origin (closed).

3/23/19- Underage Drinking- Officers were called to Yorktown Hall for an underage party.  Three citations were issued at the conclusion of the call (closed).

3/23/19- Suspicious Incident- Officers found an unoccupied vehicle running in the Washington Gravel Lot.  Officers were able to turn the vehicle off (closed).

3/25/19- Departmental Information- This department is currently investigating an incident that involves social media.  No further information at this time (open).

3/25/19- Medical Emergency- This department was notified of someone falling inside the John Jay Center and needing assistance.  Officers responded and notified Valley Ambulance for a transport to Sewickley Valley Hospital (closed).