Police Blotter 4/10/18-4/16/18


04/10/18 -Lost Property- A report was taken for lost property.  The owner was advised that if it were turned into this department, they would be notified.(closed)

4/10/18 -Trouble Alarm- Guardian reported a trouble alarm activated in Concord Hall.  Officers responded and found the cause to be from burnt food. Maintenance was advised and the alarm was reset.(closed)

4/11/18 -Trouble Alarm-Guardian reported a trouble alarm activated in the Patrick Henry Center.  Officers and Maintenance responded and found the panel reading “Charger Fail”.  Maintenance advised they would put in a work order for the alarm.(closed)

4/13/18 -Theft-A student reported items taken from the laundry room in Concord Hall.  Officers were able to view the cameras and find the suspect involved. The items were returned to the owner, and the student involved will be sent through Student Conduct.(closed)

4/11/18 -Medical Emergency-A student was in need of medical attention at Joe Walton Stadium.  Valley Ambulance was notified and transported the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment.(closed)

4/12/18 -Maintenance Service Requested- Maintenance reported a drum overflowing in the dark room.  Maintenance cleaned the area and will contact the company who delivers the drums to have it replaced.(closed)

4/13/18 -Trouble Alarm-Guardian reported a trouble alarm in Patrick Henry.  Maintenance was notified.(closed)

4/13/18 -Disabled Vehicle-While on patrol and officer came across a vehicle with a broken axle on Colonial Way.  AAA was already contacted and responding.(closed)

4/15/18 -Assist Another Agency-While officers were on their way back from Yorktown Hall, they observed a male and female yelling for help in the parking lot for Coldwell Banker.  Officers stopped and assisted until the Moon Twp. Police Department arrived.(closed)

4/15/18 -Fire Alarm- Moon Dispatch reported a fire alarm activated in the John Jay Center.  Officers responded and found the activation to be accidental. Maintenance was on scene and reset that alarm panel.(closed)

4/16/18 -Accident- This department was advised of a minor accident in the Gazebo Parking lot.  All pertinent information was obtained and a report was written.(closed)

4/16/18 -Fire Alarm- Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Concord Hall.  Officers responded and found the cause to be from the residents cooking. Maintenance was notified. (closed)