Police Blotter 4/15/14 – 4/21/14


4/15/14 – Suspicious Vehicle – An officer viewed a vehicle parked in the Fire Lane behind Washington Hall, known of suspicious activity.  The driver of the vehicle was on the PNG list and was cited for simple trespass.

4/15/14 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised of a female student who passed out in the Wheatley Center.  Valley Ambulance was contacted and assessed the patient who refused any further treatment. (Closed)

4/15/14 – Departmental Information – A student wanted a report on file for a harassment situation.  All pertinent information was obtained and both parties involved were advised to have no further contact. (Closed)

4/16/14 – Trouble Alarm – The fire system for Yorktown Hall malfunctioned and a sprinkler head was activated.  Maintenance and Residence Life personnel were notified, and pictures were taken of the damage caused by the sprinkler. (Closed)

4/16/14 – Property Damage – A student reported damage done to their vehicle while parked in the lower Sewall lot.  Pictures were taken of the damage and a report was written for insurance purposes. (Closed)

4/16/14 – Traffic Stop – An officer conducted a traffic stop on Colonial Way for a stop sign violation.  The driver was issued a citation for obedience to traffic control devices. (Closed)

4/17/14 – Title IX Violation – Another police agency provided information on a possible abuse case that this department is currently investigating. (Open)

4/17/14 – Lost Property – A non-student reported their backpack missing from the John Jay gym.  A report was issued and the cameras were reviewed with negative findings. (Closed)

4/18/14 – Simple Trespass – Officers viewed a vehicle parked on campus that belongs to a student on the PNG list.  Officers made contact with the student who was intoxicated.  The student received a citation for simple trespass, and underage drinking.  The student was driven home by another student. (Closed)

4/20/14 – Departmental Information – A student reported a harassment situation with another student.  All pertinent information was obtained and an investigation is underway. (Open)

4/20/14 – Theft – A student came to the station and reported a theft from their dorm room.  All necessary information was obtained and an investigation is in progress. (Closed)

4/21/14 – Missing Property – An employee reported their purse, Freedom card, and office keys missing.  A report was taken and will forward to the University Locksmith.  The cameras will be reviewed in the area in an attempt to locate any suspect/s involved. (Open)

4/21/14 – Student Conduct – Residence Life reported students on the roof of the entrance to Concord Hall.  The students involved were advised not to access the roof for safety reasons. (Closed)