Police Blotter: Feb. 21 – Feb. 27, 2012


2/21 – Suspicious Incident – A student reported someone tampering with his computer. An investigation was conducting resulting in the roommate playing around with the computer. The roommate is being dealt with through Judicial Affairs for judgment in this case. (Closed)

2/21 – Recovered Property – While on patrol, officers found a black backpack lying in the grass by the sand volleyball court. The bag was taken back to the station, inventoried, and stored in the evidence room.. (Closed)

2/21 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian advised of a trouble alarm activated in Concord Hall. The cause of the alarm was the residents cooking food. Officers reset the alarm panel and cleared. (Closed)

2/22 – Underage Drinking – Residence Life reported a loud party in Madison Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, the students in the room had admitted to consuming alcohol. One citation was issued and several students are being dealt with through Judicial Affairs. (Closed)

2/23 – Departmental Information – This department assisted Moon Township Police with information related to a case they were involved in. (Closed)

2/23 – Departmental Information – An information report was created for an employee who has been receiving unusual text messages. The employee reported this incident to their local police department but wanted it on record with this department as well. (Closed)

2/23 – Disorderly Conduct – A student was seen tampering with security cameras in Braddock Hall. The student has been identified and charges are pending at this time. (Open)

2/23 – Lost Property – A resident student reported clothing being taken from a laundry room in Gallatin Hall. The cameras will be reviewed in an attempt to locate the missing items. (Open)

2/23 – Theft – A student came and reported a theft from her vehicle in the Washington Gravel Lot. This case is currently under investigation at this time.. (Open)

2/24 – Student Conduct – Residence Life reported some doors vandalized in Adams Hall. An investigation was conducted and suspects were identified. The individuals involved are being dealt with through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)

2/24 – Departmental Information – There was a report of an altercation involving two juveniles at the ISC. No further information was given for contact, and this incident is under investigation at this time. (Closed)

2/26 – Fire Alarm – Guardian advised of a fire alarm activated in Lexington Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, it was determined that the cause for the alarm was the residents’ cooking. Officers reset the alarm panel and cleared. (Closed)

2/27 – Student Conduct – Unauthorized use of an RMU parking permit. The students involved were advised that they would be sent through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)