Police Blotter: Jan. 15 – Jan. 20, 2013


1/15 -Trouble Alarm – Diebold Security reported a security alarm activated on the ATM in the Nicholson Student Center. The ATM was checked with negative findings. (Closed)

1/15 – Departmental Information – This department was notified of a sick raccoon at the Island Sports Center. The animal was terminated and disposed of. (Closed)

1/16 – Departmental Information – A patron at the Island Sports Center reported his/her wallet being taken from his/her skating bag. The patron reviewed the camera footage with officers and no one was seen going near the skating bag. The patron was advised to check at home and notify this department if the wallet is located. (Closed)

1/19 – Disturbance – Residence Life notified this department of two unregistered guests in Adams Hall who were intoxicated. The two guests were issued trespass warnings for campus, and the student who brought them will be sent through Judicial Affairs for student conduct. (Closed)

1/19 – Defiant Trespass – Residence Life reported a PNG student at Yorktown Hall. The non-student in question was located on-campus via the shuttle bus from Yorktown. The non-student was issued a citation for simple trespass and underage drinking, and then transported to the Coraopolis Police Department for lodging. (Closed)

1/19 – Disorderly Conduct – A student reported a suspicious male in Hancock Hall. The male was located by officers and issued a citation for disorderly conduct and removed from campus. (Closed)

1/19 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Adams Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, it was determined that the cause for the alarm was a student straightening her hair. The officers reset the alarm panel. (Closed)

1/20 – Student Conduct – Residence Life reported a smell of marijuana in Marshall Hall. Officers were able to determine the location, and the student involved will be sent through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)

1/20 – Lost Property – A patron at the ISC reported a money envelope missing from his vending table. The cameras will be reviewed in an attempt to locate any suspect or suspects. (Open)

1/20 – Property Damage – A student reported damage done to his/her vehicle while parked in the Colonial Way parking lot. Officers took pictures of the damage and a report was written for insurance purposes. (Closed)

1/20 – Animal Complaint – Moon Twp. Police Department notified this department of a black bear sighting near campus. This department along with Moon Twp. PD searched campus with negative results. (Closed)