Police Blotter: Jan. 25 – Jan. 30, 2012


1/25 – Student Conduct – A resident student reported being threatened by another student. Officers spoke with both parties involved and advised to stop all contact or charges would be filed for harassment. Both parties agreed to have no further contact. (Closed)

1/26 – Theft – A resident student reported a theft of a shoe from Washington Hall. The following day the student reported that the shoe was found. (Closed)

1/26 – Medical Emergency – An employee at the ISC was transported to Sewickley Hospital by this department due to getting hydraulic fluid in his eyes. (Closed)

1/28 – Underage Drinking – Officers were contacted for a student vomiting in Madison Hall. Upon arrival, the student was found to be highly intoxicated. Valley Ambulance was contacted to transport the student to Sewickley Hospital, and the student was cited for underage drinking. (Closed)

1/29 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian advised of a trouble alarm activated in Concord Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, there was a faint odor of burnt food in the room. There was no sign of smoke or fire, and the officers reset the alarm panel. (Closed)

1/29 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised of an employee having a seizure in Romo’s. Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the employee to Sewickley Hospital for further treatment. (Closed)

1/29 – Fire Alarm – Guardian advised of a fire alarm activated in Lexington Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, it was determined that the cause for the alarm was burnt food. Officers reset the alarm panel and cleared from the call. (Closed)

1/29 – Property Damage – A student reported damage to his vehicle in the Colonial Way parking lot. The passenger side rear door of the vehicle was damaged. Pictures were taken of the damage and a report was filed for insurance purposes. (Closed)

1/30 – Student Conduct – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana in Washington Hall. A search was conducted of the room, which was positive for marijuana and paraphernalia. This incident is being handled through Judicial Affairs for judgment. (Closed)

1/30 – Theft – Students reported a rug being taken from behind Washington Hall. The students advised they were moving and set the rug outside. When they returned, it was gone. Cameras will be reviewed in the area and adjacent buildings to locate anyone taking this item. (Open)

1/30 – Medical Emergency – A student reported injuring their toe in Adams Hall. A friend transported the student to Sewickley Hospital. An area coordinator was advised and responded to the hospital. (Closed)