Police Blotter: Jan. 29 – Feb. 04, 2013


1/29 Suspicious Incident – A suspicious letter found in the Patrick Henry Center was turned into this department. After investigating the matter, it was determined that there was no validity with its content. (Closed)

1/29 – Property Damage – Parkhurst reported damage to their golf cart for the Wheatley Café. Upon checking, the vehicle there had cuts in the plastic cover. It is unsure if the cuts were accidental or purposely done. (Closed)

1/29 – Disorderly Conduct – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana in Marshall Hall. Officers were able to determine the origin and cited the student for disorderly conduct. (Closed)

1/30 – Smell of Marijuana – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana on the seventh floor of Yorktown Hall. Officers responded but were unable to determine the origin of the smell. (Closed)

1/30 – Smell of Marijuana – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana in the main hallway of the D Tower in Washington Hall. Officers responded and were unable to determine the origin of the smell. (Closed)

1/30 – Disturbance – Yorktown security advised of an intoxicated patron in the Iron City Grille refusing to leave. Upon officers’ arrival, it was reported that the patron had left the area without incident. Officers cleared. (Closed)

1/31 – Accident – An outside vendor hit a vehicle owned by the university in the parking lot by the Wheatley Center. All pertinent information was obtained and a report was written for insurance purposes. (Closed)

1/31 – Property Damage – A student reported damage to his/her tire that appeared to be cut. The vehicle was parked in the lower John Jay parking lot. A report was written for insurance purposes. (Closed)

2/02 – Medical Emergency – Parkhurst reported an employee experiencing flu-like symptoms and requesting an ambulance at the Nicholson Student Center. Valley Ambulance was contacted and assessed the patient who ended up refusing any further treatment. (Closed)

2/02 – Disorderly Conduct – While patrolling the Washington Gravel lot, officers came across a vehicle that appeared to be full of smoke. Upon the occupants’ opening of the window, an odor of marijuana came out of the vehicle. All occupants involved were cited for disorderly conduct. (Closed)

2/02 – Accident – A student called and reported sliding on the ice and snow in the Colonial Way lot hitting another unoccupied vehicle. Pictures were taken of the damage and both parties information was added to the report for insurance purposes. (Closed)

2/03 – Assist Another Agency – This department assisted Moon Township Police Department with an accident on Grant Drive that involved a university owned vehicle. Both parties’ information was exchanged and a report was written for insurance purposes. (Closed)

2/03 – Departmental Information – A student reported falling down in the snow and ice covered steps coming from the Colonial Way parking lot. The student reported no injuries at this time, but requested the steps be cleaned and salted before anyone else falls. Maintenance was notified. (Closed)

2/03 – Property Damage – A door was broken at the Island Sports Center. A report was taken, and this department is looking into the matter. (Open)

2/04 – Departmental Information – This department was advised of a vehicle broken-down on the roadway on Colonial Way. The vehicle was towed by Garzony’s Towing. (Closed)

2/04 – Medical Emergency – A patron at the Island Sports Center sustained a head injury while playing hockey. The patron was transported to Ohio Valley Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

2/04 – Medical Emergency – A student reported falling on the stairs between Hamilton and Adams Halls. He/she complained of pain to the right knee and back of the head.  The student’s friend took her to the hospital for further treatment. (Closed)