Police Blotter: March 6 – March 12, 2012


3/6 – Property Damage – Maintenance reported a window being broken in the John Jay Gym. Officers responded, took pictures of the damage and filed an incident report. (Closed)

3/7 – Student Conduct – Officers noticed a camera tampered with at Braddock Hall. The cameras were reviewed and a suspect has been identified. The outcome of this incident is pending at this time. (Closed)

3/8 – Lost Property – An employee reported losing their university issued keys. A report was written and forwarded to the university locksmith. (Closed)

3/8 – Student Conduct – This department was advised of a dispute between two students in Gallatin Hall. Both parties were separated and this incident is under investigation at this time pending further information. (Open)

3/10 – Lost Property – A patron at the Island Sports Center reported misplacing two jackets. The jackets were found a short time later by an employee. (Closed)

3/11 – Student Conduct – A student was viewed in the fire lane drinking beer that was under the age of 21. The student was advised that he would be sent through the university’s Judicial Affairs department for judgment. (Closed)

3/12 – Criminal Mischief – Residence Life reported a hole in a wall at Braddock Hall. The cameras will be reviewed in that area in an attempt to find out how the hole got there. (Open) 

3/12 – Fire Alarm – Guardian advised of a fire alarm activated in Monroe Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, it was determined that a smoke machine was being used in the room and was the cause for the alarm. This department took the smoke machine until the student is able to take it home. (Closed)