Police Blotter: Oct. 10 – Oct. 17, 2011

10/10 – Theft – This department was advised of items missing from the Hat Trick Club at the ISC. A list of the missing items was obtained. This incident is under investigation at this time.

10/10 – Accident – This department was notified of an accident behind Sewall Center. Both drivers’ vehicle information was obtained and a report was written for insurance purposes.

10/12 – Missing Property – An employee reported a pair of prescription sunglasses missing from their office in the Nicholson Student Center. A report was written in case the glasses are turned in to this department.

10/12 – Medical Emergency – Residence Life notified this department about a female student who passed out in Adams Hall. Officers met with the female who advised this is an ongoing medical condition and medical treatment was refused. The student’s condition was normal when officers cleared the call.

10/15 – Theft – Residence life reported that a foosball table was missing from the lounge in Hancock Hall, damage was done to the blinds and insulation was ripped out of the air conditioner. The cameras will be reviewed in an attempt to locate a suspect or suspects involved.

10/16 – Police Information – This department investigated a possible sexual assault, which was unfounded and requires no further action.

10/16 – Fire Alarm- Guardian advised of a fire alarm activated in Concord Hall. The residents were cooking which was the cause for the alarm being activated.

10/17– Lost property – An employee reported losing their key for their office, possibly throwing it away by accident. A report was written and will be forwarded to the university locksmith.

10/17 – Lost Property – An employee reported losing their office key sometime in August. A report was issued and will be forwarded to the University Locksmith.

10/17 – Student Conduct – Residence Life advised of a strong odor of marijuana in Marshall Hall. Officers spoke with the resident student involved who admitted to smoking outside but not in the room. The room was searched after consent was given and came up negative for marijuana. A three-inch pocketknife was located in the room and confiscated and stored at the Barry Center until the student goes home to take it off campus.

10/17 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian advised of a trouble alarm in Hamilton Hall. Officers checked the alarm and the building with negative results and maintenance was notified of the problem.