Police Blotter: Oct. 16 – Oct. 22, 2012


10/16 – Departmental Information – Complainant advised that there is an audio recording related to them being sent through text message. All pertinent information was obtained and an investigation is currently in progress. (Open)

10/17 – Lost Property – An employee reported losing their work keys. A report was made and will be forwarded to the university locksmith. (Closed)

10/17 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Gallatin Hall. Upon officers’ arrival, the building was evacuated and it was determined that the cause for the alarm was a hair dryer. (Closed)

10/19 – Student Conduct – Residence Life reported a male drinking outside of Washington Hall A Tower. Officers arrived and met with the males who were unregistered guests of students. One male was drinking and the other was not. Both were advised to leave campus. (Closed)

10/20 – Welfare Check – A welfare check was requested on a resident living in Yorktown Hall. Officers and Residence Life made contact with the resident and all was fine. (Closed)

10/20 – Medical Emergency – A student approached an officer at the RMU football game advising they sustained a head injury at an off campus location the night prior. The officer had Valley Ambulance check out the student and advised they go to the hospital for further treatment. (Closed)

10/20 – Medical Emergency – Residence Life reported a student in Marshall Hall experiencing chest pains. Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital for further treatment. (Closed)

10/21 – Theft – A student reported his iPad charger taken from the upper lounge of Braddock Hall. The cameras will be reviewed in an attempt to locate any suspect or suspects. (Open)

10/22 – Disturbance – A student reported yelling on the sixth floor of Yorktown Hall. Officers responded and spoke to the people who were being loud. (Closed)

10/22 – Medical Emergency – The school nurse advised of a student experiencing shortness of breath. Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the student to Sewickley Hospital for further treatment. (Closed)

10/22 – Accident – A student reported damage done to his vehicle 3-4 weeks prior to reporting it. A report was made for insurance purposes. (Closed)

10/22 – Fire – This department received a call about a heater smoking in Franklin Center. Officers arrived and cleared the room, which was full of smoke. The heater was shut off and maintenance was notified. (Closed)

10/22 – Departmental Information – A mother called and expressed her concerns about the nature of a child’s room in Yorktown Hall. The information was forwarded to Residence Life. (Closed)