Police Blotter: Oct. 25 – Oct. 30, 2011


10/25 – Lost Property – An employee reported losing their key for their office. A report was written and will be forwarded to the university locksmith.

10/25 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported a trouble alarm in Concord Hall. Officers responded and found the panel reading, “strobe and smoke detector activated.” The room was checked with negative results and maintenance was notified.

10/26 – Disorderly Conduct – An officer observed two students urinating in the CFL 2 parking lot after getting off a party bus. Both students were cited for disorderly conduct by this department.

10/26 – Lost Property – A student reported losing a blue iPod Nano in the Hale Center. A report was written for the lost item, and the owner will be notified if the item is turned in to this department.

10/26 – Medical Emergency – Report of a student with a possible broken ankle in the intramural field. Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the student to Sewickley Hospital for further treatment.

10/27 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in the Jefferson Center. The cause of the alarm was someone backing into a fire panel setting off the alarm. Officers reset the alarm panel.

10/27 – Retail Theft – Pankhurst requested the cameras reviewed for drinks being stolen out of the food court. The cameras will be checked. This incident is under investigation at this time.

10/27 – Departmental Information – Two males were found urinating in the Sewall Center lot before the Wale Concert. The officer took both individuals information, and they were released with a warning.

10/27 – Public Drunkenness – A male student was found intoxicated at the Wale Concert. The student was cited for underage drinking and public drunkenness and taken to Coraopolis PD for lodging.

10/27 – Public Drunkenness – A non-student was removed from the Wale Concert for inappropriate behavior. While leaving the arena he stared yelling profanities, officers caught up with this individual and cited him for public drunkenness.

10/28 – Recovered Property – While ticketing cars, an officer viewed a parking permit that was reported stolen. The owner of the permit advised he purchased it from someone else and was unaware it was stolen. Case pending further information at this time.

10/28 – Property Damage – This department was advised of damage that was done to the bleachers at Joe Walton Stadium. Pictures were taken of the damage. This case is under investigation at this time.

10/28 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in the Sewall Center. Officers responded and met with Tom Cassidy (maintenance) who advised he put the system back online from the concert last night. The system was reset.

10/28 – Theft from Vehicle – A student reported that someone broke into his vehicle in the Colonial Way lot. The vehicle was locked but might not have latched properly, which allowed someone to gain access. A resident parking pass was removed from the vehicle along with some cash. A report was written and officers will keep an extra watch on the parking lot and for the stolen permit.

10/28 – Underage Drinking – Residence Life advised of a party in Salem Hall. Officers arrived and were advised that everyone left prior to their arrival. Two residents of the room were present and both were cited for underage drinking.

10/30 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Joe Walton Stadium. Officers responded and found the point of activation to be the elevator control room. Maintenance was contacted and both departments checked the room with negative results.

10/30 – Fire Alarm – Guardian advised of a fire alarm activated in Hancock Hall. Officers found the room that the alarm was activated in but no one was present. The room was checked with negative results and the alarm panel was reset.

10/30 – Underage Drinking – Residence Life reported an intoxicated male in Madison Hall. Officers responded and found the male, who was issued a citation for underage drinking.

10/30 – Welfare Check – A parent called and was concerned because they have not heard from their son. Officers were able to locate their son and have him contact them to advise that everything was okay.