President Howard’s legacy begins today

Morgan Torchia

Delaney Hassell, News Manager

Robert Morris University saw new leadership in February when Christopher B. Howard, Ph.D. started as the eighth president, but his inauguration began his new legacy Friday .

“It’s not my legacy it’s our legacy. It’s what we do together. The one thing that’s sure is that you can’t do anything by yourself, you’ve got to surround yourself with great people… great students, great faculty, great staff, great alumni,” said Howard.

Although Howard was officially inaugurated Friday, he has called Pittsburgh home for last few months. After already working with the people of Robert Morris and of the Pittsburgh community, he has come to enjoy the area.

“Pittsburgh has some of the most wonderful people I have ever met—and I’m not just saying that. I’m saying it because it’s very very true,” said Howard. “RMU is a microcosm of Pittsburgh—hardworking, as I’ve said before Ph.D.’s: proud, hungry, driven people who care deeply.”

Howard plans to be involved with all of the weekend’s homecoming events starting with the inauguration and even making an appearance at the dance.

“John Locke tells me that the… greatest party in Pittsburgh is tonight. I’m waiting to see. So, I’m going to come by and see if John Locke is a liar or if he’s telling the truth,” said Howard. “But between the football game, the alumni tailgating, of course the inauguration itself—it’s going to be an exciting weekend.”

Howard’s wife and two sons were there to support him, as well as extended family. People from Hamden-Sydney College and his alma mater Harvard University, all came to witness Howard’s inauguration.

“I have my family here, people from Hampden-Sydney College. It’s like an episode of ‘This is Your Life.’ Every part of my life is represented here and we’re going to have a good time and celebrate.”

Howard has many plans for the university including the much anticipated new arena and other projects he’s working with the Board of Trustees. RMU has become an important part of Howard’s life.

“I kind of say RMU is sort of the center of the universe and then it all sort of emanates out.”