PWSA’s announces 12-year water plan for Pittsburgh, plans beyond 2030

Megan Shandel, Assistant Multimedia Manager

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) released a 12-year plan for Pittsburgh’s water: PGH20 2030.

Mayor William Peduto asked PWSA to outline Pittsburgh’s water future to 2030 and beyond.

“As we invest in infrastructure that is built to last, we’re mindful that PWSA must be a strong financial steward of a critical asset for city residents. The 2030 plan details PWSA’s strategy to pay for needed upgrades in a way that is smart and responsible,” said the board chairman of PWSA, Paul Leger.

According to a press release, the PGH20 2030 is focused around transparency, accountability, and reliable water service. It will cover many areas, including but not limited to PWSA’s vision and goals, the history of Pittsburgh’s water systems and the path that brought us to today, and current financial status.

In the written plan, Pittsburgh’s Water Future 2030 and Beyond, PWSA lists eight goals:

  • To responsibly, sustainably manage Pittsburgh’s water for the next 12 years, and well beyond 2030
  • To provide safe, reliable water 24/7/365 to our customers and to provide excellent customer service
  • To renew and upgrade our drinking water, stormwater and sewer infrastructure to exceed all compliance standards
  • To prioritize public health and replace all lead service
  • To make water service accessible through customer assistance to our lower-income customers and continue a moratorium on winter water shut-offs
  • To be accountable, accessible and fully transparent to our customers
  • To fairly and equitably charge each customer based on their usage of our system
  • To be a valued regional environmental steward of our most precious resource

“Our vision is for a modern sewer system that keeps sanitary sewage flowing where it belongs, flowing to wastewater treatment plants, not backup up into basements or overflowing into rivers,” said the PWSA.

Executive director of PWSA Robert A. Weimar said, “Pittsburgh’s past and future are tied to water. As public servants and residents of Pittsburgh ourselves, our top priority is providing safe, reliable water to every customer — regardless of their income. We are building water infrastructure for the next generation of Pittsburghers.”

Additional details are also available in documents previously submitted to the Pennsylvania Utility Commission, including PWSA’s Long-term Infrastructure Improvement Plan (LTIIP) and Compliance Plan.

For more information on the 2030 plan, visit the website Download the PDF of the plan here.