Residence Hall Association Meeting Minutes: Oct. 2, 2012


This week’s Residence Hall Association (RHA) meeting was called to order by  President Ashley Adams. Adams proceeded to ask those in attendance to like the “Residence Hall Association-RHA” Facebook page online.

She then moved on to talk about the Halloween party on Friday, Oct. 26, the Friday before Halloween. RHA needs more volunteers and wants to know if Yorktown Hall wants to throw a party for Halloween as well.

Another big, upcoming event is the Steelers versus Eagles game, which will be watched in the cafeteria this Sunday, Oct. 7. RHA will provide Hometown pizza and wings.

During halftime, RHA will have paper football competitions. Also, RHA will have a score competition and whoever can guess the score the closest, wins a gift card to a store that will later be named.

Most halls had no complaints to report except Adams and Washington. Residents of Adams Hall want a pool table for the common area and Washington Hall residents reported that there is glass on the street behind it and on the stairs.

The next RHA meeting will be held Tuesday, October 9 at 6 p.m. in the Salem Hall activities room.