RMU Athletics’ race to the top in NCAA competition

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) started a competition on Jan. 7 to reward loyal fan bases of Division I college basketball programs. Said fan bases are able to vote both at the event’s site, as well as on twitter using team specific hashtags.

The competition will run through Mar. 16, where a champion will be crowned. Along the way, rounds will end and lead into the next, eliminating competition just like the popular “March Madness” tournament that decides the NCAA’s champion of men’s and women’s basketball.

The teams that advance on to the next round, the “sweet sixteen,” will receive $10,000 that will either benefit the school’s random scholarship fund or an individual student selected at random.

The school that claims the overall title in March is granted $100,000 for the same possible causes.

Right now, the first round is coming to a close on Feb. 17. At this present moment, Robert Morris University is in 38th place. Rival Bryant University is in place to advance, sitting in 12th place.

Fans of the Colonials can vote as many times as they want be either tweeting #6th fan  and #ROBMOR, or going to http://6thfan.ncaa.com/.