RMU begins to restructure

Brittany Mayer, Assistant News Editor

On May 24, a letter was sent from the Office of the President of the University to discuss an RMU reconstruction project.

“RMU has experienced substantial growth in several key enrollment segments,” said President Christopher B. Howard, “But as I explained during the Town Hall meetings in March, expenses are starting to outpace revenues.”

These new changes are being implemented to help the university compete in the college world, which has become more challenging over time. One of the costs that have risen because of this competition is employee benefits.

“We are a labor-intensive organization, with salaries and benefits comprising 60 percent of our total budget,” said President Howard.

RMU has decided to eliminate 14 administrative positions and 23 vacant positions to cut costs. By terminating these positions, the university will have the finances to grow.

“I realize this is a painful day for those employees who are being affected,” said President Howard, “Nonetheless, I can assure you this is a necessary step to help the university continue to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.”

Since this was a difficult decision that will affect many people, President Howard urges those with questions and concerns to go to www.eapbda.com or call 888-292-6948 for the Employee Assistance Program.