RMU brings back mix-off

Delaney Hassell , Staff Reporter

This past Wednesday evening in the PNC Colonial Cafe, RMU Residence Life sponsored a non-alcoholic mix off. This event was held in conjunction with National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness week.

From 7-9:30 p.m., groups of students used ingredients provided by Residence Life to create a non-alcoholic drink, referred to as a “mocktail.” Some of these ingredients included 7-UP, Coca-Cola, different flavored Gatorades, lemonade, apple juice, etc. Liquids weren’t the only elements—fruits such as bananas, apples, lemons, and strawberries were options to use as ingredients or as garnishes.

Residence Life Area Coordinator Chuck Forrester was one of the directors and judges of the event.

“The university actually used to do it in the nineties, but this is the first year that I think we are bringing it back. I know they did some form of it, but this is the first time it is a competition,” said Forrester.

Seasonal drinks were a popular among groups. A Caramel Apple Cinnamon concoction was made by a team of Adam Kurtz and Leah Marino. Both were excited to be participating in such an event.

“We thought it was a cool idea for Alcohol Awareness Week because it gives people a chance to be creative. And people love to compete,” said Marino.

Three judges tasted the drinks and rated them on multiple grounds. Each drink, as well as the group, needed a name.  The time in which in the drink was submitted was also taken into account. The overall drink itself was rated from one to five on taste, presentation, use of ingredients and overall creativity.

Winners of first, second and third place were given to the best drink. Prizes were given to each member of the groups ranging from a $10-$25 gift card depending on their place. First place winners were also announced for the worst drink and the best presentation.

With this week being National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness week, many events have been and will be going on. A drunk goggle obstacle course was held on Tuesday, as well as a Shootout Underage drinking being to be held on Thursday.