RMU email accounts hacked


Photo credit: Paul Wintruba

Brittany Mayer , Assistant News Manager

Student and faculty email accounts are being compromised.

If you have received an email to “hhhhhh” to your Robert Morris University email address, do not open it. Delete it and do not allow it access to your account.

RMU Information Technology sent out an email to all students alerting them of a phishing scam.

“Please be aware of the following email/phishing security related incident that occurred today,” said RMU Information Technology’s email. “RMU Faculty and Staff users are reporting receiving┬ámessages from [email protected]. This message contains a malicious link.”

RMU Information Technology advises users to not click “Open in Docs” on the email. These emails can come from RMU faculty, staff or students.

For more information, call RMU Information Technology at (412) 397-2211 or email them at [email protected].