RMU encourages student voting registration

Cecil Grubbs, Staff Reporter

Robert Morris University is taking initiative in raising awareness to students about registering to vote for the gubernatorial elections this November.

RMU students were given the opportunity to register to vote yesterday at the PNC Colonial Café and the event was sponsored by the Honors Program and the Office of Student Civic Engagement.

The project is being run by sophomore Molly Watterson, a business management major at RMU. Watterson has a rather extensive background in politics, so when the opportunity came up at an honors student advisory council meeting, she jumped at the chance.

“I’m really interested in local politics and national politics . . . . my family, we’re involved in our local politics, little things, so whenever this opportunity came up I thought, I’d be a great candidate to start off this program and get other people interested in local politics and national politics since I have a background in it,” said Watterson.

Watterson’s adviser is Director of Student Civic Engagement Donna Anderson. The drive has been going on for a number of years in an effort to involve every RMU student in the voting process.

“I’m of the personal opinion that I think everyone should have a stake in politics and who our elected officials are. I think young people want to have their voice heard and this is one way that you can have your voice heard,” said Anderson.

Potential voters at Robert Morris University can either register to vote in their home district or in Moon Township. The next drive will be next Tuesday, Sept. 30, at the PNC Colonial Café from 11:30-1:30 p.m.