RMU library starts a new chapter

Hannah Smith, News Editor

The Robert Morris library is turning the page to a new chapter with their grand opening celebration. After undergoing renovations for about ten months, library faculty and staff invited all students to the open house from 2-4 PM on Sept. 11. Students were given highlighters, handouts and light refreshments were provided for those in attendance.

With the library almost complete after months of work, the faculty and staff just wanted to show off the new space to students according to Bruce Johnston, associate professor of learning resources.

The main floor of the library and over to the rotunda has gone through changes. New carpet, fixtures, furniture and offices were part of the renovations to the floor. The main goal was to fix the flow of how students are able to maneuver around the library.

“Some of the changes were aimed at improving the flow of people through this space and encourage people to come into this space and move through it more efficiently,” said Tim Schlak, director of the university library.

Since the library doesn’t have its own specific entrance, there are plans on taking out a wall to put one in to enter from the outside. There is no official date set for this renovation to begin, but Schlak is hoping for the near future.

Schlak encourages student feedback to better improve service to the university’s students. Assistance in the library is available 90 hours a week and regular full service hours are available on the university website.