RMU searching for virtual intruder who disrupted online Saudi National Day with racist insults

Garret Roberts, Editor in Chief

MOON TOWNSHIP — Robert Morris University is currently searching for an online intruder who disrupted the online Saudi National Day with racist statements.

The comments were made during RMU President Chris Howard’s opening remarks for the ceremony on Friday. As he was speaking, a user entered the Google Meet under a supposed pseudonym and shouted racist language until removed by the event organizers.

“The comments made by this individual, who is likely not a member of the RMU community, were despicable, crude, hurtful, and extraordinarily hateful,” Howard said in a press release earlier today. “We are attempting to identify the person so they can be reprimanded appropriately and we are tightening the controls on our virtual events.”

The university’s Information Technology and Information Security staff reported the incident to Google and are conducting research to find the digital intruder. RMU will also be sharing virtual security tips to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

“It is not clear to whom this vile conduct was directed, but it does not matter: It is in direct conflict with RMU’s core values and the spirit of mutual respect, dignity, and inclusivity that we work to instill on campus,” said Jonathan Potts, vice president of Public Relations and Marketing for the university. “This behavior will not be tolerated from anyone, at any time.

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