RMU set to host Little Siblings weekend

This weekend RMU is hosting their 10th annual Little Siblings weekend. Mindy Somerville of Residence Life will be running all of the exciting events going on this weekend.

“Last year there were 80 RMU hosts and 110 siblings, so we’re expecting a great outcome this year,” recalled Somerville. “Little Siblings Weekend gives the families the opportunity to see what college life is like.”

Robert Morris encourages students to engage in events like Little Siblings Weekend so that the family can also see how great RMU is.

This weekend will be the only weekend out of the year that students will be allowed to have guests under 18 to stay overnight, so students should take advantage of the opportunity.

This year’s theme will be ‘The Wizarding World of RMU’ and there will be plenty to do, including humanized checkers. The siblings will also be able to ride on brooms just like in the Harry Potter movies.

Freshman, Jessica Stonesifer will be bringing her younger sister, Morgan to join in on the fun. Stonesifer also noted that she is very excited for this weekend.

“I live four hours from home, and I barely get to see my sister,” she said. “So having her come up for the weekend will be really fun.”

She also cannot wait to introduce Morgan to all of her new college friends. Stonesifer said that she planned on taking her sister shopping in Robinson and to the basketball game on Saturday. The siblings will be able to go ice-skating and even get to attend the basketball double header.

To end the fun-filled weekend, there will be a Sunday brunch for the entire family to enjoy, so for those students that are bringing little siblings this weekend, be sure to attend all of all the events that are being offered, it will be a great time!