RMU showcases outdoor opportunities at fair

On Sept. 19, RMU hosted an Outdoors activities fair in the Franklin Plaza. It focused on a few clubs and outdoor activities that are available to RMU’s students and staff, such as the Biology Club and the Raccoon Creek state park, located right down the road from RMU.

Jamie Moore, Director of Sourcing and Sustainability at the university, gave some interesting information about where and how RMU obtains their food. He stated in the interview that he sources 20% of RMU’s food from local farms and that RMU makes all of their food “in house”. Moore also mentioned that Parkhurst is the division that is responsible for the food on campus. Any individual seeking more information should visit dineatparkhurst.wordpress.com.

A couple students represented the fairly new Biology Club for the fair. Some activities they take part in include visiting the zoo and taking behind the scene tours, school clean ups, and many more community service activities.

Another group that was present at the Outdoors Activity Fair today was the Department of Conservation and National Resources, represented by an intern from Penn State University and an employee at Raccoon Creek. The state park system has internships set up with local colleges. Raccoon Creek state park also has an abundance of wild life, and even endangered creatures such as the Queen Snake.

The outdoor activities fair offered a multitude of opportunities for  everyone that attended and the hope is that next year it will become something larger than years previous.