RMU’s schools recognize students in all areas of study; Complete list of recipients included


Andrea Zanaglio, Editor-in-Chief

Each of RMU’s schools recognized and awarded students for their accomplishments in their areas of study this past year during several ceremonies last month.

Below is a list of the School of Communications and Informations Systems and the School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science’s recipients.

The School of Nursing will hold a Pinning Ceremony on May 10. The School of Business and School of Education and Social Sciences did not submit a list of recipients for publication.


School of Communications and Information Systems

Outstanding Communication Student Award – Advertising

Andres Blazek


Outstanding Communication Student Award – Communication Studies

Roman Scott


Outstanding Communication Student Award – Corporate Communication

Jasmine Tate


Outstanding Communication Student Award – Journalism

Brooks N. Bratten


Outstanding Communication Student Award – Public Relations

Abigail L. Lape


Outstanding Communication Student Award – Theatre

Zachary Kresak


Outstanding Achievement in English Award

Victoria M. Mikulan

Kayla R. Pumphrey


Outstanding Media Arts Student Award

David Brous

Jaclyn M. King

Kurt Novak

Noah Purdy


CIS Department Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

Susan J. Feldbusch

Jonathan M. Zeolla


CIS Department Outstanding Graduate Student Award

Rana Al Abdan

Justin Fruehauf

Richard Victor


CIS Department Outstanding Integrated Program Student Award

Michael D. Boylan

Anthony J. Cascino

Callista L. Goss


Organizational Leadership Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award

Everett Rodriguez

Jessica Stevens


Organizational Leadership Outstanding Graduate Student Awards

John C. Seaborn

Joseph Sensibaugh

Breanne Thompson

Jordan Blythe Ziegler


Academic Media Center Outstanding Service Award

Jordan Allen

Devin Pingree


School of Engineering, Mathematics and Science

Actuarial Science Outstanding Student Award

Jaclyn M. Bosiljevac

Matthew E. Hudak


Science Pre-Medicine Award

Stephen C. Abel


Mechanical Engineering Award

Bruce A. Barnes


Manufacturing Engineering Award

David A. Beddard

Todd J. Janas


Biomedical Engineering Award

Maritza A. Jimenez


Software Engineering Award

Stephen J. Jochem


Mathematics Education Outstanding Major Award

Michael J. Ludwig


Industrial Engineering Award           

Zuheir S. Obeid


Biology Leadership Award

Miranda D. Omcikus


Actuarial Science Outstanding Major Award

Callen E. Oster


Environmental Science Leadership Award

Richard T. Signorelli


Environmental Science Research Award

Matthew F. Dieterich


Biology Research Award

Charles Thurner-Diaz


School of Business


School of Education and Social Sciences – Never received a list


School of Nursing

Pinning Ceremony took place on May 10, after The Sentry went to print.