Roll in to national roller skating month


Gage Goulding

A view of the Downtown Pittsburgh point where the three rivers meet. Photo Date: March 29, 2019. Photo Credit: (RMU Sentry Media/Gage Goulding)

Indianapolis, IN- October is home to National Roller Skating Month, and the Roller Skating Association International has dubbed skating “the original social network.” In an effort to showcase the mental and physical benefits of roller skating, the RSA is calling for people of all ages to get up and get skating.

“America’s favorite pastime, roller skating is a way to show your individuality in the form of movement and a safe place to socialize and make new friends,” the RSA said in a statement. “Roller skating provides kids and adults with not only physical health benefits, but also mental health benefits through the release of endorphins. It is impossible not to smile while wearing a pair of skates.”

The RSA said that local roller skating rinks offer a variety of opportunities such as the ability to hang out with friends, celebrate birthdays, have fun and get some exercise.

“Roller skating is one of the few activities that provides a complete aerobic workout for all of the body’s 639 muscles-especially the heart. Families, kids and teens are encouraged to dedicate themselves to achieving an active lifestyle,” the RSA said. “Plus, roller skating centers are frequently involved with community outreach and endeavors and are a great, safe place for families to enjoy physical activity.”

Prospective skaters should be sure to visit the RSA website and use the locator feature in order to find a roller skating rink near them. For skaters in the Pittsburgh area, contact Neville Roller Drome owner and operator Jim Park by phone at 412-335-2695 or by email at [email protected] for information on the Neville Roller Drome.

The National Roller Skating Month campaign is sponsored by Pepsi, JBL Trinity Group, Hownd and Kids Skate Free.