Center for Global Engagement hosts panel on impact of COVID-19 featuring several Rooney scholars


(Photo Credit: RMU Sentry Media Nico Scalise)

Michael Delehanty, Assistant News Editor

MOON TOWNSHIP – The Center for Global Engagement at Robert Morris University hosted the first Rooney Program Reunion Panel on Oct. 7.

The panel was hosted by Dr. Jennifer Creamer, Directer for the Center for Global Engagement. The panel consisted of Rooney Scholars from across the world including Dr. Klas Borell of Sweden, Dr. Christa Uehlinger of Switzerland, Dr. Adesoji Oni of Nigeria, and Dr. Stephen Foreman from the United States. A professor of Economics and Health Care Administration at Robert Morris University was also featured.

The event was held virtually over Google Meets. The title of the panel was “The Social Impact of COVID-19”. The panelists had the opportunity to discuss how they felt their home country responded to the pandemic and if they felt like it was enough.

“Sweden was one of very few countries not to impose a compulsory lockdown,” said Dr. Borell. “Instead, Sweden has relied on voluntary compliance, focusing on sustainability over time.”

Panelists also talked about how all the information being given is always evolving. Some even offered suggestions on how the pandemic should have been handled in their country.

“I do think, like Sweden, people ought to be voluntarily cutting back their activities,” said Dr. Foreman. “Other people sort of just flaunt everything, so it’s hard to enforce mask requirements, for example. What people believe is as fragmented as our politics.”

Students who missed the panel can view it on the RMU Center for Global Engagement Youtube channel. The next panel will be held on Nov. 11 from 12:00-1:00 p.m. Students can also receive SET credit for attending these panels.