Saudi National Day returns for the third time at RMU


Matt Merlino

Photo credit: Matt Merlino

Brittany Mayer

Returning for the third time to Robert Morris University, the 86th Saudi National Day was held by the Saudi Student Club in the Sewall Center on Sept.16, 2016.

The Saudi Student Club made improvements to their overall display from last year. The club welcomed guests by giving them a taste of Arabic food, a look into Saudi tradition, information on Saudi organizations in the U.S., as well activities for children and a magic show.

“The main purpose of this big event every year is to bring the culture, that’s very important,” said Yaser M. Kattoah, senior at RMU. “For me personally, I found my family here in America. I have a family here, because I don’t consider America my friend, I consider them my family.”

“I think it’s (Saudi National Day Celebration) pretty well put together,” said Cassandra Ward, sophomore at RMU. “Compared to last year it’s definitely more spread out.”

The purpose of the event is to celebrate the Saudi Culture, which was also provided through folklore dance and a documentary.

“We are all one together,” said Kattoah. “One for all and all for one, that is our main subject when we (make) something like this.”

The Saudi Student Club is an organization for the Saudi population at Robert Morris to adapt to life in the U.S. RMU has a large population of Saudi students, many of whom helped set up the event. Their friends and family also came to participate in the festivities. Many American students attended to learn about the culture as well.

“We have a lot of meetings,” said Kattoah. “Since three months we have been meeting to make a wonderful performance for American people to understand what is our culture, what is our nation, and what is our custom too.”