Student Government Association meeting recap


Paul Wintruba, Assistant News Editor

This Monday’s Student Government Association meeting was a little different than usual. In addition to organizational budgets being due, SGA members met at the Sewall center for dinner and an open discussion with university President Gregory Dell’Omo.
Dell’Omo opened the meeting talking about the 20 percent increase of on-campus students since 2005, bringing the university’s on-campus population to 52 percent. Dell’Omo’s ultimate goal is to reach 60 percent within the next five years.
The president also spoke about planed improvements, both in the short term and the long term. With the completion of the Wheatley Center just barley in the rear view mirror, RMU plans to begin construction of the new Nursing Building either this fall or next spring. No start date has been determined for the project.
Plans to improve the Patric Henry building and the library are also in the works, with the full nature of these improvements still very much in the planning phase. All of these improvements, in addition to others, are part of the Campus Master Plan, the basics of witch are to create a home for each of the majors offered at RMU.
Following his initial address, Dell’Omo took questions and requests from student representatives:
Greek Housing
There is no immediate plan for all residence halls, but in the future, there is an idea to add theme houses near the Sewall center, some of which may be used as greek housing for fraternities and sororities.
Business Building Name
The name selection process will mirror that of the Wheatley Center, in which faculty members in the resident department will be given the opportunity to vote on a list of names. Also like the Wheatley Center, the name of a revolutionary war figure will be used. Selection will occur by the end of this semester.
Cyber Forensics Master’s program
The program is growing in popularity and may be considered as an addition to the master’s programs available at RMU if the interest continues.
Fourth Floor Nicholson Center Offices
Being recently vacated by the Computer Science and Information Systems Departments, education faculty will soon be able to move into the area.
Coffee in the Business Building 
There is a strong possibility that a small coffee shop will be added to the business building in the near future.
Yorktown Hall/Holiday Inn
RMU is currently involved in zoning negotiations with Moon Township, concerning its newly acquired Yorktown residence hall. With that more flexible set of zoning regulations, RMU hopes to renovate Yorktown further, expanding the gym and adding recreation fields. Also planed in the Yorktown renovations is an expanded printing station in place of the business station.
Following the discussion session, Dell’Omo adjourned the meeting.
The next SGA meeting will be held on Monday, Oct. 8 at 5 p.m.