Unauthorized Solicitor Removed from Campus

Cole Brennan

On Tuesday, an unauthorized solicitor was removed from campus.

The individual was outside of Nicholson Center with a political organization when university police responded.

Any person who wants to solicit information on campus must get approval from the Dean of Students. Not doing so is against university policy.

“(Tuesday) afternoon we were informed by a student that there was an individual outside that they believe were to be related to a political party,” Chief of Police Jeff James said. “University police responded to the area and met with the individual. We did verify that he was not authorized to be on campus.”

No arrests were made but the individual was escorted off campus.

James reiterated how important the student body is to security.

“The student body is the largest piece of our security mechanism,” James said. “When students come forward and report unusual activity, this truly keeps our campus safe.”