Vice President Mike Pence visits Pittsburgh


Megan Shandel

Vice President Mike Pence speaks for republican candidate Rick Saccone.

Gage Goulding and Megan Shandel

Gage Goulding, News Editor

Vice President Mike Pence left Washington D.C. aboard Air Force Two as he began his journey to Pittsburgh for a day of speeches. This presidential trip comes just fifteen days after President Donald Trump came to H & K Equipment in Coraopolis. The goal of the trips was the same: support Rick Saccone, who is running for Congress.

A crowd of about 300 people attended the event the Bethel Park Community Center to see the vice president speak in Pittsburgh. The event was not open to the public and was invitation only. The rally featured speeches by Pence and Saccone as well as Congressman Keith Rothfus and Congressman Mike Kelly.

“As we go into this election, pray for America. Pray for your neighbors and friends,” said Pence.

The special election is a race between between Democrat Connor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone. Voting will take place on March 13 for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District. Robert Morris University lies within that district, and the Pittsburgh area has been a target for high-stakes campaigning.

Pence began the speech saying that he was excited to be back in “the Keystone State.” The vice president’s speech consisted of the progress that the new presidency has accomplished as well as plans for the future that, with the help of Saccone, the office can accomplish.

“With Rick Saccone in Congress, we will build that wall,” said Pence. “We are going to give armed forces the resources they need to accomplish their mission and come home safe.”

The main points of the vice president’s speech were:

  • Reports of the nation’s unemployment rate hits lowest in seventeen years
  • The administration will not rest until the Islamic State Group is destroyed
  • Repealing more federal “red tape”
  • Building the U.S.-Mexico border wall
  • Trumps tax plan to help save the “working-man” money


“I stand with Donald Trump, and we all stand for our flag and national anthem as well,” said Pence. “Thanks to President Donald Trump, America is back. I’m here today because we’re just getting started.”

In addition to speaking at the event today, the administration released that the president is planning another trip within the next few weeks to visit the Pittsburgh area again. Although there are no official announcements of a campaign trip, Saccone’s campaign staff did confirm that there was a possibility.

Vice President Pence traveled to the Heinz History Center after the rally to talk to Trump supporters about the administration’s tax plan.