Yorktown residents see confusion in meal plan funds

Paul Wintruba, Assistant News Editor

Meal plans work a bit differently for students living at Yorktown Hall this semester. RMU’s newest residence hall contains the Iron City Grille, which is open to visiting Holiday Inn guests and students alike.
Students who call Yorktown Hall have $400 of their meal plans set aside to use solely at Holiday Inn, according to Senior Director of Business Operations Neal Binstock. Binstock said it is important to note that once the $400 runs out ,no more of a student’s meal plan can be used at the Iron City Grille; however, if a student uses up all of their meal plan funds, the remaining $400 balance will transfer over.
For example, a student on the Patriot plan includes $1,830 to spend. Therefore, the amount the student would see displayed on campus is $1,430. Again, if that student’s balance runs out on campus, they will dip into the remaining amount of the $400 set aside for the Iron City Grille, but this process does not work in reverse.
Some of the confusion among residents at Yorktown concerning their meal plan funds may have legitimate grounds. On the Yorktown Hall fact sheet on RMU’s website, it states, “Meal Plan funds in the amount of $400.00 per semester will be provided to use for all Yorktown Hall Residents.”
Binstock agreed that this statement seems to imply that an additional $400 will be added to the meal plans of students living at Yorktown Hall.
“Someone raised the question about that,” said Binstock, who sits as one of the chairs of the “Yorktown Task Force” that also includes Dean of Students John Michalenko and Jeff Listwak, vice president of financial operations.
Binstock said the wording on the website has been addressed in a meeting between those on the “Yorktown Task Force,” and they are working on having it changed.