In support of the First Amendment

Editorial Staff

RMU Sentry Media stands with the Society for Collegiate Journalists, the Boston Globe and every other participating news organization in support of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution; an amendment which allows all of our news organizations to operate freely and without the fear of persecution.

These are unalienable rights that all men and women have. Rights that will not be taken away or limited due to the changing tides or landscapes of time.

Members of our editorial staff read the words of the First Amendment in the video above not only because of the historical significance of these words but because these words have allowed them to pursue their passions and dreams. Without these words, much of what this organization does on a daily basis and the platforms it has allowed both current and former students to reach, would not be possible.

And for that reason they reach a more resounding audience of current and aspiring journalists, designers, photographers and videographers around this country. These people have told the stories that many thought couldn’t be told and helped shape the narrative so that both sides have their parts heard.

These words have been tried and tested throughout the history of this country and RMU Sentry Media stands by those words of the First Amendment.