Police Blotter: 9/11/13 – 9/17/13


09/11/13 – Medical Emergency – This department received a call for a student having a seizure at Braddock hall.  Officers and Valley Ambulance arrived on scene, and the student was transported to Ohio Valley Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

09/11/13 – Lost Property – A student came to the Barry Center and reported their wallet and glasses taken out of their room in Washington Hall.  All pertinent information was obtained and a report was issued for an investigation. Closed

09/11/13 – Underage Drinking -A student who came to the Barry Center to file a report was under the influence of alcohol and under the age of twenty-one.  The student was cited for Underage drinking by this department. (Closed)

09/12/13 -Property Damage -This department was advised of trees down in the Colonial Way parking lot lying on two vehicles.  Pictures were taken of the downed trees on the vehicles and the damage.  Both vehicle owners were notified by this department of the incident.(Closed)

09/12/13 -Departmental Information -A student wanted a report on file pertaining to an ex-boyfriend who keeps making unwanted contact.  A report was issued at the students request to have documentation on file in case any further instances arise. (Closed)

09/12/13 – Departmental Information -A student reported while sitting in their car outside of Salem Hall, a male opened up the back door and entered the vehicle.  The complainant yelled at the male to get out of the car, which he did.  A report was issued an extra patrols will be conducted in the area.(Closed)


09/13/13 – Accident -This department was advised of a minor accident on Campus Drive.  Officers responded and took all pertinent information from both drivers.  There was no apparent damage to either vehicle and both drivers were advised a report would be on file if needed. (Closed)

09/13/13 – Medical Emergency -This department was advised of a female experiencing an asthma attack in the Nicholson Center.  The patient was transported by Valley Ambulance to Ohio Valley Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

09/14/13 – Accident -This department was advised of a minor accident in the Gazebo parking lot.  Both drivers information was exchanged and a report was written for insurance purposes. (Closed)

09/14/13 -Fire Alarm -Guardian reported a fire alarm activation in Joe Walton Stadium.  Officers arrived and found the buildings alarm system active.  No sign of smoke or fire was detected in the building and the alarm was reset. Maintenance was notified. (Closed)

09/14/13 – Underage Drinking -Officers responded to Yorktown for possible underage drinking on the front patio of the building.  Upon officers arrival five students were questioned and ended up being cited for underage drinking. (Closed)

09/15/13 – Suspicious – IncidentWhile on patrol, an officer noticed a vehicle that was covered in various condiments in the Residence Life parking lot.  The owner was located and it appeared no damage was done to the vehicle.  Pictures were taken for the report and the officer cleared. (Closed)

09/15/13 – Underage Drinking -While on patrol, an officer witnessed a male attempting to gain access into Gallatin Hall.  The male was identified as a student and was under the influence of an alcoholic beverage.  Being the student was under the age of twenty-one he was issued a citation for underage drinking.(Closed)

09/15/13 – Fire Alarm -While on patrol, an officer viewed the strobes flashing for the fire alarm system in Washington Hall.  Upon checking the building it was determined a smoke detector was malfunctioning due to leaking water.  The alarm was reset, and maintenance was notified. (Closed)

09/16/13 – Suspicious Person -An officer noticed two males walking by the wooded area of the parking lot at Yorktown Hall.  When approached the males stated they were passing through on their way to Wendy’s.  The males were advised that this is not private property owned by the University and to use a different path to travel in the future. (Closed)

09/16/13 – Medical Emergency -The nurse’s officer reported a student experiencing chest pains.  Valley Ambulance was notified and transported the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment.(Closed)

09/16/13 – Student Conduct – DrugsThis department was advised of possible marijuana being in a room in Marshall Hall.  Officers responded and search the room in question finding marijuana and drug paraphernalia.  All items were removed from the room and the student involved will be sent through Judicial Affairs for judgment.(Closed)

09/17/13 – Underage Drinking -Residence Life requested assistance with a situation on the eleventh floor of Yorktown Hall.  Officers responded and ended up citing three students for underage drinking and three students sent through Judicial Affairs for being twenty-one with underage people present.(Closed)

09/17/13 Departmental Information -Residence Life requested assistance in searching a room in Ross Hall with suspected marijuana.  A search was done of the room with negative results.(Closed)

09/17/13 – Lost – A student reported losing their Freedom card somewhere on campus.  A report was issued in the event the card is turned into this department.(Closed)

09/17/13 – Departmental Information – This department was advised of a student who a comment to a University employee that sparked some concern. A University counselor and this department made contact with the student and spoke with them about the comment.  It was determined that there was no threat to be concerned about and the student was advised to meet with the counselors on campus the following day for further evaluation. (Closed)

9/17/13 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised of a student in excruciating pain with severe muscle cramps at Yorktown Hall.  Valley Ambulance and officers responded, and the student was transported to UPMC Presby hospital for treatment.(Closed)