Police Blotter 9/4/13 – 9/10/13


09/04/13 – Medical Emergency – Residence Life reported a female student experiencing difficulty breathing and chest pains in Gallatin Hall.  Valley Ambulance was notified and transported the student to Sewickley Valley Hospital. (Closed)

09/04/13 – Accident – A student reported their vehicle damaged while parked in the CFL -3 parking lot.  Pictures were taken of the damage and a report was issued. (Closed)

09/04/13 – Departmental Information – Moon Dispatch advised of a 911 hang up call from a landline on campus.  Contact was made with the caller who advised it was an accident. (Closed)

09/04/13 – Medical Emergency – Valley Ambulance reported they were sending a unit to the Island Sports Center for an employee suffering from a heart attack.  Officers and Valley Ambulance responded, treated the patient, and transported them to Sewickley Valley Hospital. (Closed)

09/05/13 Disorderly Conduct – Residence Life reported an odor of marijuana in Hancock Hall.  Officers responded and were able to locate the origin; two students were cited as well as being sent through Judicial Affairs. (Closed)

09/06/13 – Disturbance – Officers were called to F tower in Washington Hall for loud music.  Upon officer’s arrival there were 18-20 students in the room, they were advised to turn the music down, which they complied. (Closed)

09/07/13 – Simple Assault – Residence Life reported that a CA (Community Advisor) was assaulted by a student at Yorktown Hall.  The student was arrested and transported to the Allegheny County Jail. (Closed)

09/07/13 Medical Emergency – A CA (Community Advisor) requested transported to Sewickley Hospital for an injury sustained during the previous incident. This department transported the CA to Sewickley Valley Hospital. (Closed)

09/07/13 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised by security at Yorktown Hall that a male student was experiencing an anxiety attack.  Valley Ambulance was contacted, and treated the student who then refused transport to the hospital. (Closed)

09/07/13 – Student Conduct – Alcohol Officers were called to F tower in Washington Hall for another loud party.  While on scene it was determined there were several students under the age of twenty-one.  The five underage students involved were sent through Judicial Affairs for their actions. (Closed)

09/07/13 – Fire – This department was advised of smoke on the hillside in the Colonial Way parking lot. Upon officers arrival it was determined the cause was a mulch fire. Maintenance responded with water and the fire was extinguished. (Closed)

9/08/13 – Departmental Property Damage – While responding to the mulch fire in the Colonial Way parking lot Moon Fire dept. struck one of the parking gates entering the lot. Maintenance disabled the power and the gate was blocked off until it can be repaired. (Closed)

9/08/13 – Welfare Check – A parent called concerned about their child whom they have not spoken to in over a week. Officers located the student’s room and advised them to contact their parents. (Closed)

9/08/13 – Disturbance – Residence Life reported students causing a disturbance between Hamilton and Hancock halls. Officers arrived and advised the students of the quiet hours and to clear the area. All parties cooperated and left the area for the night. (Closed)

9/09/13 – Theft – The department is investigating a possible theft of hockey equipment from the Island Sports Center. (Closed)

9/10/13 – Traffic Stop – An officer conducted a traffic stop on Concord Way for a stop sign violation. The driver was given a verbal warning at this time. (Closed)

9/10/13 – Departmental information – While on patrol an officer located a vehicle with its gas cap left open. Contact was made with the owner who was advised they forgot to secure the cap after buying gasoline. (Closed)

9/10/13 – Fire Alarm – Guardian reported a fire alarm activated in Patrick Henry. Officers responded and found no signs of smoke or fire. The building was checked with negative results and the alarm was rest. (Closed)

9/10/13 – Medical Emergency – This department was advised of a student convulsing in Washington Hall. Valley Ambulance was contacted and transported the to Sewickley Valley Hospital for treatment. (Closed)

9/10/13 – Trouble Alarm – Guardian reported a trouble alarm activated in Lexington Hall. Officers responded and found the cause of the alarm to be burnt food. The alarm was reset by the officers. (Closed)