Female Student Athlete of the Week: Bethany Ledford

Bailey Neale, Staff Writer

Last weekend, sophomore Bethany Ledford led the Robert Morris Colonials indoor track team as they competed at the Gene Edmonds Cup at Purdue University. Ledford tied an indoor school record by reaching a height of 3.55 meters.

“It was great. There was awesome competition there. I made every height so far, and then I missed one time at the final one that I got, where I tied 3.55 meters to get the record, then I got it,” said Ledford.

The record was actually set earlier this season by freshman Olivia Lloyd.

Ledford said she and Lloyd pushes each other to get better every day.

“That was awesome to be able to tie [Lloyd]. She’s very, very good competitive, so I love to have her on the team with me. We both kind of push each other,” said Ledford. “We go back and forth a lot, but I was very excited to get the height. I really didn’t know what it was until after I got it, and I saw my coach’s reaction. So that was really exciting.”

The Colonials have two more meets before the NEC championships, where Ledford hopes to qualify for the ECAC regional championship.

“Me and Olivia both are planning on getting 11 feet 10 inches,” she added. “We’ve got 11 feet 7.75 inches, which is the 3.55 meters, and we just need a little bit higher to be able to qualify, and that’s our main goal.”