Field hockey prepares for the upcoming season

Last year the women’s field hockey team finished with a 4-14 overall record. They were fifth overall in the Northeast Conference. The programs all-time record including last season was 18-85. Key returners for the team are Chantele Crow, Julie Gabriel, Ally McGuire, and Anna Miller.

The team has already been practicing in preparation for the upcoming season. The energy is high and the players feel like they can succeed at anything they put their mind to.

“Coach has recruited a lot of new girls and it is a great feeling to be playing next to girls who love the game, and fight for every ball. I believe that this season will be totally different than any other we have had. We are definitely super competitive and it feels like there’s nothing we can’t do or accomplish,” said senior Julie Gabriel.

The nine incoming freshmen, along with the other players will get the opportunity work with the seniors on the team and get their advice. The current seniors on the team are Julie Gabriel, Chantele Crow, Anna Miller, Ally McGuire, and Jennifer Tobar.

The thought of being a senior on the team can bring good thoughts, anticipation, and excitement to a player.

“As a senior, it is even more exciting to play next to very young girls who are already very good athletes. Being able to challenge them even more, and give them advice, knowing they respect you, listen, and apply on the field what it is you have explained them. We are very proud to be part of this new team and we all are excited to play,” said Gabriel

The team’s first home game will take place September 11 at noon against Colgate.