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Rating Revision: Which Madden Ratings Are Least Accurate?

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Today, resident Madden nerd and NFL maniac Colby Sherwin and I go through “Madden 24” and their strangest ratings position by position.

As we go through our list, we will cover our most underrated and overrated players position by position.

Overrated Quarterback: Dak Prescott

Following a disappointing second-round exit, Dak Prescott’s 87 overall rating leaves a lot of questions. Namely, his inconsistency with the ball holds him back from being a true powerhouse of a quarterback. His work in Kellen Moore’s system has been impressive, but with Moore’s untimely exit from the Dallas Cowboys, we may see Prescott floundering without the system he worked best with.

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Underrated Quarterback: Trevor Lawrence

The Jacksonville Jaguars’ miraculous comeback, both from an organizational and performative standpoint, is largely thanks to the offense renaissance of quarterback Trevor Lawrence. However, Madden rated T-Law as an 82 overall, behind the likes of Kirk Cousins and Tua Tagovailoa. Lawrence has shown impressive skill and awareness for such a young quarterback, and with his comeback win against the Chargers in the Wild Card Round from a 1-15 team earns him a higher rating than simply an 82. Resident expert Colby Sherwin would rank him alongside the aging Aaron Rodgers at 86, at the very least.

Overrated Running Back: Nick Chubb

While Nick Chubb was on a underwhelming Browns roster in turmoil as their trade for Deshaun Watson put their season in Jeopardy following his suspension, he remained a consistent running threat for a middle-of-the-road team. However, his 97 overall rating finds him atop the running back rankings, with other players more deserving of the #1 spot. Christian McCaffrey, the dual-threat running back from San Francisco, easily deserves the top spot over Chubb. While there is an argument to be made that Nick Chubb is the most feared threat in the running game, there is much more that is required of a running back. Especially including the passing game, and there is no greater threat in the passing game from the running back position than Christian McCaffrey.

Underrated Running Back: Elijah Mitchell

Mitchell hasn’t gotten the recognition he deserves for the 49ers continued success. Constantly overshadowed by the world-class Christian McCaffery, Mitchell has assembled a respectable and honest body of work as the secondary running back for San Francisco. With more carries and continued reliance on the running game, Mitchell averaged closer to a 1,000 yard season, and with a larger role on a different team, Mitchell jerseys would flood the streets. The modest 80 overall rating deserves at least a 5-point boost, if not more.

Overrated Wide Receiver: Odell Beckham, Jr.

OBJ’s resume is obviously very impressive, with highlight moments impressive amounts of talent. However, he’s done very little since his Cleveland Browns days. Since he moved to the Rams, his level of talent has not earned the 85 overall rating, especially over wide receivers who are key contributors to their team’s success, instead of those who have a timeshare on the injury reserve.

Underrated Wide Receiver: Mike Evans

Compared to the other receivers in the top 15 in rating, Evans has arguably the most consistent play out of the rest. Through the ups and downs of the recent Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has consistently racked up 1,000 yard seasons. His 90 overall rating puts him in the upper echelon of receivers, but his rating has suffered due to the Bucs’ inconsistency. On any other team, Evans is a superstar.

Overrated Tight End: Evan Engram

Engram is no doubt a key contributor to the Jaguars’ newfound success. However, he lacks the fundamentals of your run of the mill tight end. He makes the highlights, has the clutch plays that every fan would drool over, but he lacks the consistency and basic play to be a reliable tool on the offense. Engram’s play is not nearly to the level that the 84 overall rating he received suggests.

Underrated Tight End: Dalton Schultz

While the Dallas Cowboys remain incredibly controversial, Dalton Schultz is still a solid threat on the offensive line. While his touches remain few and far between, and while heading to the Houston Texans, Schultz still has the raw ability to receive and block at a high level, as opposed to some of the tight ends in the top 10 in overall rating. Schultz may see even higher heights with a bigger role on the Texans with their rookie quarterback, and his 82 overall rating may climb into the top 10 by the end of the season.


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