RMU men’s hockey team raises over $3,000 during Movember

Brooke Smith, Sports Editor

  The Robert Morris University NCAA men’s hockey team raised a grand total of $3,745 on their Movember page, Bobby Mo Bros.  This was the first year that the team created a page on the Movember website and they are very proud of the fact that they were able to raise as much money as they did for men’s health.

  Movember team captain, Zach Hervato, cannot even begin to thank his teammates and everyone for their generous donations and support for the Bobby Mo Bros.  “It was fun and it is for a good cause. It meant a lot,” said Hervato.   “I can’t thank the boys enough for buying in and participating and raising all that money.  We have a lot of great guys with big hearts on our team.”

  This was Hervato’s fourth year of participating in Movember, and he is definitely glad he participated this year.  “Of course I’m glad I participated.  This is my fourth year I have done it,” recalled Hervato.  “My first year I participated was back home in Canada playing junior. I love it!”

  Overall, the Colonials had a great time participating in Movember.  It was a great team building experience and they had fun making fun of the best and worst mustaches.

  When it came to the best mustache, Hervato, junior Adam Brace, and senior Trevor Lewis all had different people in mind.

  Hervato went with the safe answer and did not pick anyone specific.  “It’s tough we try and keep it diverse,” said Hervato.   “I had mine a little longer and curled some guys go with the original mo some guys with handlebars.  Everyone is creative in their own way.”

  Brace went with Lewis because “he is so pale and he dyed his mustache black so it stands out.”

  Lewis could not decide between senior forward, Ron Cramer and junior defenseman, Brendan Jamison.  “I think Cramer’s was pretty good. He had the whole sides coming down that leads into handlebars,” said Lewis.  “I think Brendan Jamison had a pretty underrated mustache.  I think his is really good too.  His is kind of ratty, but his is really good too.”

  When it came to the worst mustache, three players were mentioned because of their “weak mustaches,” but it was not for a lack of trying.

  “They’re definitely trying, they’re just letting them go so it looks funny, but they look pretty weak,” Lewis said while laughing.

  When asked if he would participate in future years, Hervato was quick to say he definitely will participate again.  “That should not even be a question,” said Hervato with a laugh.  “I will be doing this every year as long as I can.”