Student-Athlete of the week returns

Jonathan Fisher, Staff Writer

In conjunction with the Robert Morris University Athletics, department, the RMU Sentry will be producing a weekly piece on a student-athlete of the week. There will be one female and male athlete chosen each week.

Past winners of the award include former softball first basemen/catcher, Sarah Capp as well as Mary Durojaye, a very successful senior last season for the women’s basketball team. Jake Hayes, senior attacker for the men’s lacrosse team and men’s hockey forward, Colin South were highlighted last year.

Kayla Crooks, video streaming coordinator, spoke on the criteria used to determine the student-athletes of the week. “At the beginning of the week, the Sports Information Directors (SID) and I will get together and take a look at who had good weeks in both male and female sports. Each SID will put a few possibilities for who it could be on each of their teams. They base this pretty much solely on stats,” said Crooks.

Their goal is to determine the winner based off of the athlete’s individual success, not the team’s overall achievements.

“If someone had a ridiculous weekend then obviously it is them. Sometimes we choose if someone had a game winning shot or overtime goal. It is definitely way more focused on the athletes than the teams,” said Crooks.