Three seniors, four years, one big game

The Robert Morris women’s ice hockey program will be facing Mercyhurst for their Senior Night on Saturday, February 18 at the RMU Island Sports Center. This season, which differs undeniably from previous seasons, is one for the books.

“We play Mercyhurst for our Senior Night,” says Brianna Delaney, senior forward and assistant captain for the team. “We lost to them a couple weeks ago, and beat them the next night for the first time in program history. We are all excited to play them again – it will be a tough one for sure.”

Delaney is not the only senior in the program. Graduating with her are captain Paige Pietrangelo and assistant captain Kathryn Stack.

Each of the girls agrees in saying that Senior Night is not going to be an easy match. Pietrangelo added to Delaney saying, “Mercyhurst is a great team. The game isn’t going to be easy. Their program has an unbelievable record, but we beat them once, and we can do it again.”

While Stack added humorously, “Obviously it won’t be easy, and they’re going to be out for blood. Who wouldn’t want to beat the hosting team on Senior Night? Plus, they hate us for beating them a few weeks back.”

Needless to say these seniors are ready for the challenge.

This season has been the best season in program history being led by these three. As the season has progressed, the ladies have beaten team after team making their record at this point 20-8-2. Most would say this year is a dramatic improvement from past years, including last year when they finished the season 11-24-1.

Stack stated, “We have been extremely successful this season. In a way our program is redefining itself as a stronger and more resilient team. Our record is outstanding and I am excited to have a part of it.”

Both Delaney and Pietrangelo agree.

“This is definitely our most successful year. I think a big part of it is how our team has adapted to change. As a team, we can bounce back so quickly after a loss, we can come back from being down, and we can hold onto a lead. Everyone is so committed to the program and the team,” says Delaney.

While Pietrangelo added, “On the ice we have produced goals, plays, and wins that we all know we were always capable of. I think the new coaching staff gave the girls a fresh perspective and slate in order to do their job.

The Senior Night festivities start at 7:05 on Saturday. Go out and support these girls as they take on No. 4 Mercyhurst.