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What Team Should You Bandwagon if Your Team is Out of the Playoffs

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Now that the Steelers have been eliminated from the playoffs I’ve decided to look at some of the remaining teams to join their “bandwagon”. This idea comes from a video last week on the YouTube Channel “That’s Good Sports”, where they broke down the same idea. So I decided to put my twist on it. So going into the Divisional Round, I’m going to give my power rankings of teams whose bandwagon you can jump on.

8. Baltimore Ravens (1 seed in AFC; 13-4)

Am I putting the Ravens at the bottom of the list because I am a salty Steelers fan? Yes. Since they are the biggest rival of Pittsburgh, I do not like them. Plus who likes rooting for Goliath? After taking down the 49ers, the Ravens have been the best team in the league for the past few weeks. Here are some reasons you would like to jump the Flock. Lamar Jackson has never been past the second round, and he has had the best season of his life! 3,6678 passing yards, 67.2 completion percentage. I also love Odell Benham Jr. So he could be fun as well. For defense, they don’t have any real stars other than Marlon Humphry, but some names you might recognize are Kyle Vannoy and Jadeveon Clowney. They are a fun team that can beat you in the air or on the ground.

7. Kansas City Chiefs ( 3 seed in AFC; 11-6)

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For the first time in his life, Patrick Mahomes will be on the road for a playoff game. Now Mahomes is my favorite quarterback in the NFL, what he does with the ball and how he fits it into a window is insane to me. So I will be rooting for the winner of the Chiefs/Bills. I also see people complaining about Taylor Swift being shown so much, it doesn’t bother me at all but people are looking for them to lose. Mahomes, Kelce, and Pacheco will all get theirs. If the defending champs are going to win in Buffalo, they need their receiver’s stone hands to finally work. KC led the league with 26 drops this year! This team has a lot of outside noise but has some of the best to ever play their position on their roster.

6. Green Bay Packers ( 7 seed in NFC; 9-8)

For the first time, a seven seed has beaten a two! I love Jordan Love, and I have been saying that he would be a star in this league ever since he left Utah State. So why are they six? The simple truth is I’m so tired of this team always being in the mix. They have been one of the best teams my whole life, I want to see some new teams win this thing. But here are the reasons you may like the cheese heads. Of course, Love is playing out of his mind, three touchdowns and zero interceptions. Aaron Jones has such a fun personality, and the receiving core is full of fun, young guys, Plus on defense you have one of the most funny personalities in the world with Jaire Alexzander. Another guy I followed from his time in school when he played for Louisville and had a ton of battles with Pitt. So if you are looking for the youngest team in the league, with nothing to play for, and want the ultimate underdog to make history, Green Bay is for you.

5. San Francisco 49ers ( 1 seed in NFC; 12-5)

The 49ers come off a year where they lost in the NFC Championship. Brock Purdy is a great underdog and has been lighting the world on fire this season. Christian McCaffrey is one of my favorite players and has been so much to see. The defense is so good and I have not even mentioned George Kittle. My issue with this team is not even on the field, they are great! I did not like the “Niner Gang” when they were in Pittsburgh this year when they beat the Steelers, they were so annoying. Walking out of the stadium they had their phones in my face and were recording me and my friend walking out while we walked saying nothing. It may have been a few bad apples but I’d rather not see them win.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers ( 4 seed in NFC; 9-8)

If you have not noticed, when I like a player in college, I tend to root for them in pros. I loved Baker Mayfield with the Oklahoma Sooners. His fiery personality can either make you love him or hate him. I think this team has a ton of loveable players. They are underdogs and counted out. Mayfield being cast off from the Browns as well makes him cool. He is just being a gunslinger right now. This is another team just playing with house money so hold on tight if you jump on this bandwagon.

3. Hutson Texans ( 4 seed in AFC; 10-7)

Yes, I liked CJ Stroud at Ohio State, but that is not just the reason. After Bill O’Brian lost his mind and traded away Deondre Hopkins, this team has been so bad. Growing up I’ve always had a soft spot for the Texans. JJ Watt was one of my favorite players in the league. Demeco Ryans has got this team bought and they won their division in his first term. A rookie QB has never won the Big Game and I’d love to see that happen. This is a team full of misfits and castoffs, and I can’t wait to see them play.

2. Buffalo Bills ( 2 seed in AFC; 11-6)

The Bills are the most cursed team in the NFL. Josh Allen has been on fire and James Cook has been, well, cooking! I like the receivers as well. They have been on fire winning six in a row after starting the year 6-6. Allen has turned this team around its been a fun ride. They are insane, something crazy will happen and then you will be very confused. But if you want a heart attack, you will love rooting for this team.

1. Detroit Lions ( 2 seed in NFC; 12-5)

The Lions until last week had the longest playoff drought in the NFL. Jared Goff was a castoff, Dan Campbell is a bad coach, and they have bad owners. This team has heard nothing but negativity until last year. I grew up loving the Lions because Matt Stafford was my favorite QB. The fans deserve this and the players deserve this. This year Goff had his best year of his career, with 4,575 yards and a 67.3 completion percent. He threw 30 touchdowns and only 12 picks. Seeing the fans last week with the victory over the Rams, how could you not want this team to go far? They have the players, they have the fans, and their coach will go for it no matter what. This could be the first major title in the City of Detroit since 2008! If you want a feel-good story, full of heart, get on the bandwagon with the Lions!

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