Chef Dan Shares Culinary Arts Knowledge With Cooking Class


Photo Credit: Nathan Breisinger

Chef Dan Chiaverini, who has worked for Robert Morris University for over two decades, hosted his first “Chef Dan’s Cooking Class” of the semester on Tuesday, Jan. 24, 2022.

During the class, Chef Dan Chiaverini, executive chef at RMU, demonstrated how to make a traditional alfredo sauce.

“It’s a big fan favorite on campus,” Chiaverini said. “We go through about thirty gallons every time we make it, so that’s a lot of alfredo we go through. That will last about a day and a half.”

Chef Dan also voiced why he thinks it is important for all students to learn how to cook early on in life.

“It gives students the opportunity to learn the skill and take it back to their dorm room and have the ability to cook in the kitchen, so it will come in handy later on down the road,” said Chiaverini.

He also expressed how he initially got involved with the culinary arts, sharing how his mother would make traditional Italian food from scratch.

“I grew up in a family who loved to cook,” Chiaverini said. “My parents came straight off the boat. They’ve made prosciutto ham, sausage, salami, soppressata, all kind of cured meats. I grew up watching my mom make spaghetti sauce, fresh pasta, fresh bread. I really didn’t take an interest in it until about 19 years old, 18 years old.”

At the conclusion of the event, students were able to sample the alfredo.

Chef Dan offers two more cooking classes later this semester.