A marketplace for affordable fashion


Samantha Sektnan, Arts & Entertainment Contributor

 College can be stressful on students, especially when they’re living on a small college budget. Many people today do not have the financial means to go to the mall and purchase whatever they want. Having clothes is not only a necessity on campus; it’s also a powerful statement of one’s identity. Thanks to the online sites Poshmark and Vinted, as well as the Consignment Cottage in Coraopolis, affordable fashion is now easier than ever.

 The Consignment Cottage is a store less than five minutes away from Robert Morris University that offers the best in resale furniture and fashion at an affordable price. Within the two-story building, you can find a multitude of fashion, including apparel, shoes, accessories, and much more. The typical clientele are women, although they also have a small section dedicated to men’s fashion. All of the items for sale come from consigners that give their used or unused items to the store and in return, the consigners receive a portion of the profit when their items sell. Because of this method, stock is constantly changing and updated with new items being consigned. Whether you are interested in buying or selling, be sure to head over to the Consignment Cottage in Coraopolis for fashion on a budget.

 For those looking for another resale store, look no further than the online marketplaces Vinted and Poshmark. Similar in nature, both of these companies are available through their websites and respective apps online. After creating an account, any woman in the United States is able to shop for or sell new and pre-loved fashion. The steps to sell and purchase items are fairly easy, although it can be more time-consuming when compared to going to your local consignment shop. Both websites however offer options to find items by searching for a particular size, brand, seller, keyword, et cetera.

 Although Poshmark is the oldest and most widely used of the two, Vinted is quickly becoming a popular site as well. Poshmark benefits by charging a $4.99 flat rate shipping price for each individual purchase from a buyer, but takes 20% of the earnings from the seller. Vinted differs with their shipping price being based off of weight, and by taking only 19% of the earnings from the seller. Overall, both sites are great options to shop and sell for the latest fashion. The sites are free to join and only take their commission off a sale once the item is delivered and accepted.

 All in all, these three companies are great options for shopping and selling on a budget. For women, college students in particular, these companies provide opportunities to make a little extra cash and be financially responsible. As consignments shops and online marketplaces increase in popularity, so do the number of students finding these companies and using them to their advantage.