A new journey: My first taste of the “Big Apple” the finale

Saturday morning began the way Friday was supposed to; a trip to a live taping of The Today Show. I awoke with a bounce in my step because, for some weird reason, I function better with less sleep. I pulled on my new Mickey Mouse shirt (Yeah, I’m that guy) and headed down to the lobby. I took a walk over to Dunkin Donuts (because America runs on Duncan).

Well Duncan, you weren’t be run on today, because you weren’t open at 5:30 a.m. Thanks for that.

As we arrived to the set of Today we looked around and no one but workers were present. We were first in line! When the gates opened, we went to the dead center of the permitted areas.

When it was time for the weather report, everyone began yelling (except me). I clapped. At roughly 7:35 a.m. on this day of March 15, I had hit the big time. The weather woman chose to do her report directly in front of us (probably because of my stunning charm and good looks)… On live TV! We were essentially instant celebrities.

Autograph seekers followed us around all day. Not really, but if you want one, I’ll be happy to do it, but be warned, there’s now a $50 convenience fee.

After the show, we took a peak in the NBC store. I could have dropped so much cash in that place. Luckily I didn’t (it is New York, you know, probably wouldn’t have seen it again).

Around midday, we decided to explore for a final time. I know I mentioned that I’ve never walked so much in my life in previous articles, but this time I actually mean it. A solid two hours of wandering the streets.

We eventually made our way to the Empire State Building. Pretty tall. My hands were sweating looking UP at it.

For the final meal, we all decided to go to a small deli across the street. That sandwich was fantastic! Afterwards, we capped off the trip with a slice of famous New York cheesecake. My god was it good!

So, as we sit on the Megabus home, I retract my previous statement about meeting a wacko. Words really couldn’t describe what I think about this guy sitting two seats up from us.

Overall, the trip was extremely informative, as well as an absolute blast! It’ll definitely be something for me to look forward to do again in the coming years.