BREAKING NEWS: Tom Wolf elected 47th governor of Pennsylvania

Mylana Churilla , Staff Reporter

Democrat Tom Wolf, chairman of The Wolf Organization Inc. – a building-product corporation that manufacturers kitchen cabinets – was elected Pennsylvania’s 47th governor, ousting incumbent Tom Corbett, 54.90 percent to 45.10, on Tuesday.

Wolf – a York native – received 1,878,082 votes, compared to Corbett’s 1,542,845 tallies.

Corbett has received heat since 2011 because of the education cuts he allowed to occur. Though he tried to say it was not his fault, public opinion feels that he could have done more to fix the problem.

Though he did bring education funding back up to 2008 levels in his first year in office, public opinion in the Keystone state still seemed to hold him accountable for its decline.

During his campaign, Wolf has offered to bring in new and better changes to education. Though it has yet to be seen if he will implement these variations, the public hopes that he will do better than Corbett has during his time in Harrisburg.