Don’t be silly, wrap your willy: It’s National Condom Day

Sean Koepfinger, Assistant A&E Editor

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, couples and singles alike are probably preparing for a weekend of passion.  But don’t forget to wrap it before you tap it.  Feb. 13 is International Condom Day, so we’ve collected some super safe-sex fun facts for your enjoyment and education:

  1. A cave painting in Grotte des Combarelles, France, from over 12,000 years ago depicts a man wearing a condom.
  2. Condoms are the cheapest and most accessible form of birth control.
  3. Some early condoms were made using animal intestines.
  4. Always use water-based lubricants when using condoms as opposed to oil-based lubricants.  They can weaken the integrity of the condom, causing it to tear more easily.
  5. Nov. 14, nine months after Valentine’s Day, is known as Children’s Day due to the high number of births as a result of Valentine’s Day shenanigans.
  6. Remember to store your condoms somewhere where they won’t be exposed to extreme heat.  This can cause the condom to break.  This includes your wallet!
  7. “Pulling Out” may seem like a safe alternative to birth control, but it is far less effective and cannot protect against STDs.
  8. Believe it or not, condoms have expiration dates.
  9. Two condoms is actually less effective than one because the friction between the two can cause them to rip.
  10. If used correctly every time, they’re 98 percent effective. That’s almost as effective as the birth control pill at 99.7 percent but if you use the two together it’s the ultimate act of safety!

Hopefully you found these facts fascinating and useful.  Have fun out there, but remember, don’t be a fool, cover your tool.