Don’t lose it: bulk up


Photo credit: Ally Evancho

Maya Ehikhamenor , Contributor

For students with extra money left on their RMU Freedom Card’s meal plan, bulk orders are definitely a great way to use it. Why let what’s left over be lost, when you can take home some snacks for the summer?

If you have never done it before, this is how it works. There are bulk order forms placed right next to the cashier in Romo’s and the PNC Colonial Cafe. You pick up whichever form has the items you want, select the food you like and turn it in to the cashier. They will process the order, and the total amount will be deducted from your Freedom Card. All you need to do is keep the receipt.

On the day you selected to receive your bulk order, you bring your receipt and ID to the pick-up location. You get to choose whether to pick up your order on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday during finals week. The last day to turn in the order form is Friday, April 14.

Cheyenne Williamson, a business major, has ordered in the past. She has a big list of items that she buys with her balance, and she has come up with a way of getting back some of the money that she has put into the meal plan.

“I ordered candy, Gatorade, hamburgers, grilled chicken, cookies and pies,” Williamson said. “I plan on selling them. It’s actually a pretty good idea. You’re getting your money back for buying something that you gave your money to the school for.”

Williamson also said that she would probably end up bringing some of the food home to eat. Similarly, Gabby Crame, a Robert Morris student, used her bulk order last semester, so that she could give it out to her family during the holidays. She’s not bulk ordering this semester; though, since she took the opportunity to lower her meal plan. Like Williamson, she appreciates the ability to use up the extra money.

“It’s definitely nice,” Crame said. “Since your meal plan doesn’t rollover, you don’t waste money.”

You might not be able to finish your meal plan before the semester ends, so make good use of the leftovers. Selling bulk order food may be new information to most, but it is something to consider. For those who feel that the entire process of bulk ordering is just too much, they can always make sure to pick a lower meal plan next fall–the deadline for that is September 1.